Lifetime Queens are queens who have been with the program for many years before receiving their titles and have demonstrated a long-standing relationship with the pageant, thus the word “lifetime”. Lifetime Queens are similar to Legacy Queens in that they hold a high position with delegates in advising and assisting at the various WOA programs, yet are still up for review annually pending any moral, branding, or other outside pageant conflicts. Like Legacy, it is an honor to carry the Lifetime title and Lifetime Queens are held to the same high moral and ethical standards of appropriate behavior in their social media and online as well as in-person demeanor (with or without the sash). It goes without saying, that posing in sash and crown with alcohol, bullying, promoting another pageant with their current lifetime title without express permission of the WOA pageant or doing anything illegal (in person or online in any of the 50 states) will be cause for dismissal. Lifetime Queens are invited to all Woman of Achievement Pageants to assist, announce, volunteer and be recognized on stage. They are held to the same high standard of a Legacy Queen, honoring all commitments they make and holding an honorable presence as a Woman of Achievement. The above criteria is how the annual voting is determined for continuance as a Lifetime Queen.