Legacies are women who have held a National or International title or National / Int’l Ambassador Role with Woman of Achievement. They are a core group of women who are nominated by their peers or by the Executive Committee. They are women who have shown they are loyal to the brand of Woman of Achievement by returning to compete or volunteer at least 2 or more years in the program. It is preferred that they are not holding any other title at the time they are nominated so as to avoid “brand confusion”. Legacies are voted in each year through a nomination process or when there may be an opening. These are women who have proved by word and action their “Go Give” heart. (Legacy Circle at any given time will be between 8 women and not greater than 12.)


All Legacies agree to come back annually to the National Pageant (November – January) if at all possible to volunteer and assist with judging, emceeing

They honor all commitments to the Pageant, Pageant Director and Officers, sister queens, and conduct themselves with honor during the pageant weekend and throughout the year in their pageant and personal social media.
Legacies are not just former “National Titleholders”. They are women who are exceptional in “giving back” to the program AND each other, have exceptional platforms and are committed long-term to the WOA Sisterhood of queens.

Legacy Queens are available throughout the pageant weekend to help the program wherever needed. Legacies are available to vote on critical issues throughout the year. Legacies vote in or out new or current members based on how well that individual represents the brand of WOA, how well she will work together with the current Legacy Team and her overall commitment to the ladies, policies and programs of WOA. All Legacies are in “good standing” to vote if their dues are paid in full by January 20th annually. Legacies who have been voted out are asked to wait out one National Pageant before attending again or applying again so there is a one year separation of events between their service so as not to confuse them with “active” Legacies. Additionally, all Legacies must be current before attending that year’s Nationals in crown and sash. Finally, any Legacy who acts in a manner detrimental to state contestants, or her sister National or Legacy Queens, or is irresponsible with her commitments to the pageant, contestants, vendors, sponsors, judges or is irresponsible or displaying poor taste or bullying in any way on Social Media or otherwise, will be up for immediate dismissal and is prohibited from wearing her Legacy sash upon such dismissal (until and if she is reinstated).

Legacies are expected to return pageant office communication within 48 hrs, per industry standard and also agreed to in their original WOA contract.