Woman of Achievement Pledge

Believing that Woman of Achievement is built on the concept of:

The Golden Rule, Sisterhood, and Integrity,
I solemnly pledge to be the essence of dependability,
honoring all commitments that I make.

I will uphold and support my sister Delegates,
in the daily practice of the Golden Rule,
“To do unto others as I would have them do unto me” by speaking kindly of them and to them.

I honor the Woman of Achievement Program in my words and deeds.

I will always strive for a positive attitude, a clean spirit and a warm heart,
Setting the example for others to follow,
and dedicating myself to perpetuating love and integrity toward my sister competitors and others in my life.

I will be the epitome of kindness, honesty and follow through returning all communication from the pageant Organization, vendors and my personal sponsors in a timely manner.

This I pledge as a member of Woman of Achievement.