Jayna Altman

Ms. U.S. Woman of Achievement

Jayna has worked with start ups and major corporations with social media and media branding. Her platform "I CAN" focusing on what Americans who have disabilities CAN DO won her a top cash award at the National Woman of Achievement when she represented North America. Jayna is a talented dancer and speaker and resides on the east coast.

Lisa Sussman

Mrs. Elite U.S.
Woman of Achievement

Lisa Sussman (previously Florida Woman of Achievement) is the Editor of Fort Lauderdale Fashion Week Magazine, on the Board of Directors of STARZ Foundation and garnered the Speech Winner for her speech on container homes and sustainable housing. As a mentor, connector and business woman, Lisa has a unique mindset for service to those in under-served communities.

Faith Bates Pallone

TEXAS Woman of Achievement garnered the U.S. title for married women and won top honors and highest cash award for her work with veterans with PTSD. Faith is a nurse and mom of two. She is also a talented performer from opera to Broadway.

Erminia Castaneda

US Woman of Achievement
Ambassador Queen

Erminia does considerable work within the California community with unwed mothers and women who decide not to terminate pregnancies. Her work with Obria Health Clinics and many others and her signature speech on "Life is Precious" inspired by her sister who she lost in an automobile accident is a moving speech and allowed for her to garner the California State title before moving on to the US Ambassador role.

Emily Christensen

Ms. National United States 2019

Emily, who represented the West Coast and does extensive radio and media sales presented a speech on overcoming obstacles. Her platform was "Breast Cancer Awareness" and she won the interview award. Emily sits on the California Board for Women in Forestry and plays a big role in "Farm to Table" appreciation of ranching and local farming and teaching school children the values of locally sourced foods.

Francisca Ramos

Ms. Elite U.S.
Woman of Achievement

Francisca entered Woman of Achievement two years in a row before taking the National Title - both times garnering Platform Awards for her work with Body Image. Her comedic performance at the National Event is a crowd favorite.

Brooke Westlake-Kelley

Woman of Achievement
Lifetime Queen

Twice winning top honors in Platform Excellence at WOA, and named to the Nevada State Commission for Women, Brooke has raised over $10 million for the National Alzheimer's Association.

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